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About IES

IES S.r.l. Ingegneria Elettronica Sistemi is a company formed by a group of experts in the field of telecommunications systems for professional civil and military applications. The professionalism, expertise and experience of its staff puts IES in the foreground, making it competitive in an industry in which large corporations operate.
IES was founded in March 1990 by people with previous long work experience at companies operating in the field of civil and military telecommunications.
It has, for its activities, a production facility of 1200 covered square meters and 4000 uncovered square meters, prepared also for working shelters, and various vehicles for testing antennas.






Design and realization of equipment and accessories in telephony field, radio to wire interface devices, navy, ground, aerial communications, data transmission (modem, keyer, wireless network).
Equipment of new generation (both accordingly to internal and customer’s specifications) have been realized in conformity with MIL-STD and RFI/EMI rules.
All equipment are realized using the newest technologies in the field of analog and digital components, such as DSPs (Digital Signal Processing), FPGAs, microprocessors, microcontrollers.

Design and realization of parts and assemblies in the navy, ground and avionic communications fields, in conformity with the current military and civilian regulations.
Setting up of a interception/jamming station on vans, including a complete study of heat dissipation, dimensioning of the shock absorbers relative to the equipment racks, antenna power driven motion control via PC.
Study and realization of devices for HF antennas motion control on naval units.

Our company has a great partnership experience in the realization of several testing systems, such as automatic testing systems for analog and digital radio devices.
IES realized software on demand based on customer’s specifications in order to control devices for radio communications jamming.

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IES owns several dedicated production lines, for modules and apparatus, cables and wirings and test boxes.
Production may follow both internal specifications or customers specifications.
Our products are realized by highly skilled personnel, through specific training courses, using state of art specific tools.
IES designs and makes Test Boxes for its own necessity and on demand. These test boxes are made to be used for testing and for preventive and corrective maintenance on systems, apparatus, modules and boards.
They can be both manual and automatic type and they are realized to work in laboratory or on field as well.
For the first type, the tester performs the operations and activities according to a Test Procedure purposely written. In this situation the tester uses external instruments.
For the second type, the automatic test boxes are managed by a PC on which an appropriate software drives the verifying and measurement operations on the equipment under test.
When required, adequate measurement instruments are designed, realized and assembled inside the test box itself. The PC fills in the Test sheet automatically. On demand some kinds of test boxes have been improved in order to detect the fault (to a module or sub-module level).


IES performs activities of preventive and corrective maintenance on telecommunications equipment, for ground, avionic and naval use, both civilian and military. For instance: SINCGARS, PRC 434G Tadiran, all the range of ELMER avionic and ground apparatus (RT-651-1M, RT-1051, ARC-150, RT-1047), V/UHF OTE transceivers, Collins apparatus and interphonic (ICS 222); Telettra, Sunair, TRW, MDA apparatus, Kollsmann devices (radar altimeters), maintenance of any kind of shielded chambers, overhaul of HF/VHF/UHF antennas.
Maintenance and overhaul of analog and digital boards.
Reverse engineering and modifications of boards and modules made with obsolete and no more available components.

Overhaul and construction of very low irradiation special signal cables.
Activities are documented by appropriate forms (Measure sheet, Test sheet, Conformity Certificate, Compliance Report and Efficiency Tag) specially planned for every equipment, these forms are issued to the Customer on paper or electronic format, according to AER-Q-2120 normative.
In particular, reverse engineering activities have been performed concerning the following devices:
Interphonic used in avionics;
RF Power Amplifiers for military transceivers.



IES performs maintenance and overhaul of pylons, for fixed and rotating (Log Periodic) HF/VHF/UHF antennas.
Maintenance of parabolic antennas and their semi-rigid coax supply lines and waveguides (Scientific Atlanta).
Overhaul of the shelters of the NATO MEWSG NewVan fleet since 2001.
Our company has installed TLC equipment, systems, antennas, radio links, multiplexes, etc. Other activities are installations including buildings, setting up of laboratories with supply and preparation of workbenches for electronic working, accordingly to the present rules.
IES performs laying and wiring of cables (both shielded and unshielded, coax, optical fiber, etc.) in small, medium and large sites with underground crossing.
In December 2005 IES made the installation of 10KW HF SSB equipment and movement of 1KW HF SSB equipment at a TX station of Italian Navy, including the realization of rooms with raised flooring and stepped cable ducts.
Our personnel have gained a great experience in the installation field, both in the national territory and abroad.
We also own a specific technical and practical skill in handling materials in very high frequencies installations, such as: cellflex cables, flexible and rigid waveguides, multi-shielded cables, coax and signal connectors; a skill gained after having worked under the guide of expert American technicians of Scientific Atlanta, with which our company has collaborated in the realization and setting up of medium and large satellite installations at Telespazio Fucino, Cairo, Matera and Cerveteri.
We are also able to realize operating consoles, cabled racks and interconnecting cables between internal and external units of the shelters used by armed forces, taking care of the ergonomic and safety aspects for the personnel employed and assuring the maximum accessibility to the units of the system.
Furthermore IES gained a great experience in assembling shielded chambers of small, medium and large size, complete of every needed component (filtering system, supplying and illumination plants, anechoic system, paneling, flooring, etcÖ).
IES has also a long experience in the realization, on behalf of a third party, of high power transmitting devices (10 kW) in HF band, and zero-hour revision of 7 kW apparatus at a frequency of 7 GHz.
A separate chapter, which we are particularly proud of, it is our participation at the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th CNR (Italian National Research Council) expedition in Antarctica.
IES has been chosen by CNR as a supplier for technical assistance services to the telecommunications system, operating at the Italian bases in Antarctica.Two technicians of ours took part to the expedition, after attending a two-week long surviving course on Monte Bianco. Over the five months of the mission, our technicians maintained all the transmitting systems issued to Italian bases, watching over their correct working and ensuring the connection between Italian bases and all the other international ones set in Antarctica territory and also with the rest of world; operating in environmental and working conditions beyond any standard.
The Italian communications equipment, in Antarctica, consisted of 10 kW HF apparatus, antennas and repeaters operating in V/UHF and satellite frequencies; a telephone exchange, field apparatus and NDB and TACAN systems. The equipment came from several national and from abroad producers and was associated to different kind of antennas. The right maintenance and services were provided to all the apparatus and antennas..


The high level training of IES personnel, obtained during several years of experience on field let us gain a deep knowledge of 10kW valve transceivers and HF receivers. IES stages training courses about the use and maintenance of 10kW systems.
IES personnel owns the following certifications in the electronics field:
IPC-7711/IPC-7721 Rework and repair – IPC Trainer;
IPC-7711/IPC-7721 Rework and repair – IPC Qualify;
IPC-A-610 IPC Specialist – Acceptability of electronic assembles;
IPC/WHMA-A-620A IPC Specialist – Requirements and acceptance for cable and wire harness assembles.

IES personnel owns the following certifications in the installations field:
Training course for workers in charge of driving mobile elevating platforms, both provided with or without stabilizers;
Individual protection devices and harness for overhead works and emergency operations;
Personnel assigned to electric works (PES and PAV). Services without or under voltage;
Personnel assigned to rope access and positioning systems;

IES personnel owns the following certifications in the Program Management field:
Prince2 Foundation Examination.