Electronic Design

Design and realization of equipment and accessories in telephony field, radio to wire interface devices, navy, ground, aerial communications, data transmission (modem, keyer, wireless network).
Equipment of new generation (both accordingly to internal and customer’s specifications) have been realized in conformity with MIL-STD and RFI/EMI rules.
All equipment are realized using the newest technologies in the field of analog and digital components, such as DSPs (Digital Signal Processing), FPGAs, microprocessors, microcontrollers.
Our company performs electronic equipment design and production in the following branches:

Microcontroller-based boards (Microchip PIC, ATMEL, ARM Cortex-M and so on);

Equipment with digital or RF (VHF/UHF) technology;

FPGA-based boards;

RF Filter boards;

Ciphering systems;

Systems based on open-source parallel multiprocessors for FPGA;

Fault tolerant data processing systems;

Radiation resistant Systems (Rad-Hard) for space avionic applications;

Low-pass, High-pass, Band-pass, Notch Filters for power amplification applications or vehicular use in military field;

Microcontrolled directional couplers with direct and reflected Power (ROS) measurement;

HF/VHF/UHF RF Power Amplifiers for amplitude modulation (AM) and frequency modulation (FM) for power levels up to 400W;

Wide Band RF Power Amplifiers in L Band employing GaN devices of several power levels;

Audio Matrices up to 64×64 channels;

Remote control devices for military equipment;

RF Switching devices;

Audio Splitters;

Band Splitters;

Manual or Automatic Testing systems for Transceivers.

Mechanical Design

Design and realization of parts and assemblies in the navy, ground and avionic communications fields, in conformity with the current military and civilian regulations.
Our company performs mechanical design and production in the following branches:

Chassis for Server Racks for naval and ground contexts;
Standard Rack Cabinets for military use;
Shelters setup;
Civilian and military operating locations such as Radio rooms;
Shielded chambers;
Chassis for Radio VHF/UHF/HF equipment for military and civilian applications;
Frameworks for HF/VHF antennas;
Precision mechanical design for military applications;
Mechanical equipment interface devices for shock and vibration tests.

Other activities made by IES within the mechanical design field:
Setting up of a interception/jamming station on a van, including a complete study of heat dissipation, dimensioning of the shock absorbers relative to the equipment racks, antenna power driven motion control via PC;

Study and realization of devices for HF antennas motion control on naval units.

Software Design

Our company has a great partnership experience in the realization of several testing systems, such as automatic testing systems for analog and digital radio devices.
IES realized software on demand based on customer’s specifications in order to control devices for radio communications jamming.

Our company performs software design and development activities in the following fields:

Desktop application development for Windows and GNU/Linux platforms;
SCADA System applications;
Firmware for PLC automation systems;
VHDL-based digital devices (Intellectual Property);
Complete FPGA-based systems;
Microchip PIC Microcontrollers;
Atmel Microcontrollers;
ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers;
ARM Cortex-A Microprocessors;
Graphical/Multimedia Embedded Systems for ARM Cortex-A9 Microprocessors;
Desktop/Embedded Applications based on QT libraries;
Embedded Network systems based on the following protocol communications: TCP, UDP, SNMP(v1,v2c,v3), HTTP, Modbus etc.;
Serial protocols such as: RS232, RS485, RS422, I2C, SPI, 1Wire;
Embedded Bluetooth modules;
RFID modules.

Our personnel have preceding experience in software development in the following fields:

– Satellite applications in C language (Windows and Unix Operating Systems), in detail:
development of ciphering algorithms;
development of the control unit of a spread spectrum communications system, in the field of the realization of a satellite simulator;
functional and validating tests;
development of a control unit simulator for testing phase of a ciphering system in the field of the realization of a satellite for civilian use;
realization of design documents in English language accordingly to Alenia (ESA) standard, relatively to software requirements, software detailed design, test description and test report documents;
– Military applications in C++ language (Windows and VxWorks Operating Systems), in detail:
Development of software requirements documents accordingly to UML standard, development of software detailed design and test description documents;
Development of software for the management of the displaying of data coming from radar devices;
Integration of the application on the target device.

Main working experiences


Design and development of a J-TAG test fixture, for Selex Communications S.p.a.;
Technology upgrade of the amplifier stage of GAG UHF RT-619 / D radios used by Italian Air Force – 4 RTM;
HW-SW development and manufacture equipment for testing the communication platform of the Tornado system;
Design and development of a V/UHF 100W amplifier for Italian Air Force GAG systems;
Design and development of a set of devices (audio matrices, audio splitters, pre-post selectors, patch panels, etc.) for the setting up of the FREMM program;
Design, development and manufacture of 64 x 64 audio matrices, for NATO Programming Center (Glons);
Automated inspection and monitoring systems.