Homeland & Infrastructure Security

Homeland & Infrastructure Security

IES srl offers high-level protection of infrastructure, places, people and information, through risk prevention, threat identification and response to attacks.

Border management, critical infrastructure protection, land conservation, and protection of public order: national security is a complex challenge that can only be accomplished with broad and extensive control capabilities, supported by resilient, secure, multi-service modern communication networks.
To this the end, we have developed solutions that extend the operational capabilities of our customers in every domain, from land to sea, from the skies to space, including cyberspace.
Indeed, physical security cannot ignore the security of cyberspace.
Defending infrastructure also means protecting networks, systems and the applications that govern it. No threat can be considered simply virtual.

Our Solutions.


Cybersecurity & Communications

To ensure maximum security in communications, data protection and critical infrastructure, IES srl has developed solutions to meet the growing malware threats against critical infrastructure, and industrial and business networks.
The offering includes dedicated and functional solutions to support prior or subsequent intelligence activities in the context of forensic analysis.


IES srl has developed solutions for the integration of security systems to be applied in an operations room. These solutions allow authorised operators to see a map of all the transits and their related information and are thus an important decision support to ensure port and airport security.

Smart City

To ensure the protection of the territory, IES srl has implemented security solutions in urban areas covering all aspects of surveillance, reconnaissance (number plates, faces, behaviour analysis, and special features, etc.) and analysis of the flow of people.
Indeed, the systems developed aim to provide adequate support to police forces for security operations and are used in different areas, including buildings with critical requirements and their surrounding areas in which specific safety regulations must be applied.