IES owns several dedicated production lines, for modules and apparatus, cables and wirings and test boxes.
Production may follow both internal specifications or customers specifications.
Our products are realized by highly skilled personnel, through specific training courses, using state of art specific tools.
IES designs and makes Test Boxes for its own necessity and on demand. These test boxes are made to be used for testing and for preventive and corrective maintenance on systems, apparatus, modules and boards.
They can be both manual and automatic type and they are realized to work in laboratory or on field as well.
For the first type, the tester performs the operations and activities according to a Test Procedure purposely written. In this situation the tester uses external instruments.
For the second type, the automatic test boxes are managed by a PC on which an appropriate software drives the verifying and measurement operations on the equipment under test.
When required, adequate measurement instruments are designed, realized and assembled inside the test box itself. The PC fills in the Test sheet automatically. On demand some kinds of test boxes have been improved in order to detect the fault (to a module or sub-module level).

Main working experiences

Production and installation of racks for the Numerical Interagencies Network of Ministry of Defence;
Development and supply of ICS-222 intercom system for G222 military air transport program;
Development and supply of V/UHF 100W amplifiers for the Italian Air Force GAG sites;
Development and supply of cable sets for the CECOM program of U.S. Army Sikorsky helicopters in Afghanistan, for Northrop Grumman S.p.A.;
Design activities in collaboration with Rome University “La Sapienza” for the development of an FPGA-based multiprocessor device.