. Design


Design and construction of telephony equipment and accessories, wired radio interface equipment, naval, land and air communications, data transmission (modem, keyer, wireless network).

The new generation equipment (both on internal specifications and on customer specifications) have been made in compliance with MIL-STD and RFI / EMI regulations.

All equipment is made using the latest technologies in the field of analog and digital components, such as DSP (Digital Signal Processing), FPGAs, microprocessors, microcontrollers.


Design and construction of parts and systems in the field of naval, terrestrial and avionic communications, in compliance with current military and civil regulations.

Preparation of an interception station on vans, including a complete study of heat dissipation, sizing of the shock absorbers with respect to the equipment racks, motorized motion control of the antenna via PC.

Study and construction of devices for motion control of HF antennas on naval units.



Our company has a great partnership experience in the realization of different test systems, such as automatic test systems for analog and digital radio devices.

IES has created on demand software on customer specifications for the control of devices for disturbing radio communications.