. Production

IES owns several dedicated production lines, for modules and equipment, cables and wiring and test boxes.

Production can follow both internal specifications and customers’ specifications.

Our products are made by highly specialized personnel, through specific training courses, using specific cutting-edge tools.

IES designs and manufactures Test Boxes for its own needs and upon request. These test boxes are designed to be used for tests and for preventive and corrective maintenance on systems, equipment, modules and boards.

They can be both manual and automatic and are designed to work in the laboratory or even in the field.For the first type, the tester carries out the operations and activities according to a specially prepared Test Procedure. In this situation the tester uses external tools.

For the second type, the automatic test cassettes are managed by a PC on which a special software guides the verification and measurement operations on the equipment under test.

When required, suitable measuring instruments are designed, manufactured and assembled inside the test box itself. The PC automatically fills in the test sheet. Upon request, some types of test boxes have been improved to detect the fault (at module or submodule level).