. Maintenance

IES carries out preventive and corrective maintenance activities on telecommunication equipment, for terrestrial, avionic and naval use, both civil and military. For example: SINCGARS, PRC 434G Tadiran, the whole range of ELMER avionics and ground equipment (RT-651-1M, RT-1051, ARC-150, RT-1047), V / UHF OTE transceivers, Collins and intercom devices ( ICS 222); Telettra, Sunair, TRW, MDA equipment, Kollsmann equipment (radar altimeters), maintenance of all types of screened rooms, overhaul of HF / VHF / UHF antennas.

Maintenance and overhaul of analogue and digital boards.

Reverse engineering and modifications of boards and modules made with obsolete and no longer available components.

Review and construction of special very low irradiation signal cables.

The activities are documented by specific modules (Measurement Sheet, Test Sheet, Certificate of Conformity, Conformity Report and Efficiency Tag) specially prepared for each equipment, these modules are issued to the Customer in paper or electronic format, according to the avionic, space and defence standards.


In particular, reverse engineering activities were carried out regarding the following devices: