Tactical EcoTransformer


The waste disposal, as well as the production of electrical power, are two critical issues in tactical environments.
Our project represents a solution for both aspects, and is conceived for use inside a military base or campor ship. Our research project develops a sheltered tactical system that performs a molecular transformation of waste by pyrolysis. This process produces a gas (similar to methane) that powers up a power unit, based on an endothermic motor, in order to generate electrical power.

It allows to dispose the waste right where it is produced, and the electrical power generated can be used straight by the owners of the plant. Moreover, the system is not harmful to the environment.

Pyrolysis is a well known chemical process that occurs in the 500÷650°C temperature range and in the absence of oxygen (no combustion), and produces syngas.

Currently, the industrial plants for waste disposal and power production, based on pyrolysis, are very large.
Our system can be easily transported, is very compact and completely automated.
The ushered waste is grinded and pushed inside a reactor, the produced gas is filtered electrostatically and stored to power the energy generator. The final residues of the whole process are metallic scraps, separated duringshredding, and inert ashes.
A sophisticated electronic control system allows for the complete remote control and minimizes management and maintenance operative.

This project is a cutting-edge solution that brings several advantages in operative scenarios. It uses state-of-the-art technologies, allowing to modernize the systems for power generation, and improves the safety level, minimizing the need for waste transportation and fuel supplying for energy demand, as well as the relevant risks.

Project Objectives

30KW plant for about 500 people waste disposal.
Complete automation in each phase of the process.
Possibility to control and monitor remotely several systems from only one control center.
Possibility to fit inside a standard container.
Unmanned system requiring occasional services.
Capability of treating unsorted waste.
Reduction of logistics and waste disposal costs.
Reduction of polluting emissions.