Mission & Vision

We exist to satisfy the customer’s needs, guaranteeing the quality of service and a growth in value over time


The guiding principles that inspire our action are:

Quality, fairness and transparency in customer orientation
Effectiveness in results
Efficiency in process management
Conscious responsibility and people development
Maintenance of the Brand value on local territory


Increase skills and anticipate change, to optimize resources in order to satisfy customers and to grow externally in a system of agreements and alliances. 

Top management is fully aware of the growing needs of the market in terms of the quality of the service provided to customers and to this end places customer satisfaction as the goal of its quality policy. The provision of Quality services is an integral part of the customer loyalty and territorial development strategy. 

The commitment to satisfy the customer’s needs and the comparison with competitors on the market are the prerequisite for the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, implemented in particular through:

The continuous measurement of the services provided and the systematic verification of compliance with the contractual terms, mandatory requirements and the economic and financial objectives defined internally;

The search for continuous improvement through the definition and implementation of specific objectives and programs;

The comparison of the quality provided with the services offered by market leaders and with the quality perceived by customers;

Maintaining a dynamic organizational structure that empowers, involves and motivates all staff;

Continuous professional updating through careful planning of training aimed at increasing skills and professional growth;

The computerization of operational and management processes;

The periodic review of the processes;

The analysis and timely management of non-conformities;

The adoption of corrective actions based on the analysis of complaints and objectives aimed at exceeding customer expectations, based on the indications obtained from periodic satisfaction surveys.