Integrated Autonomous System for Electricity Supply


Integrated autonomous system for electricity supply and distribution in a base or a camp, provided with centralized monitoring and control capabilities; high reliability and efficiency.

The system foresees the use of several energy sources, their optimal utilization, centralized monitoring and control of all the power generators and all the users, the automated managing of the production and distribution of electric power, a very high reliability level in providing energy through the adoption of fault tolerance and managing techniques.

The distribution network provides direct current (DC), so the system constitutes a Smart DC Micro-grid.

The system uses several types of electric power generators or sources, in detail:

electric generators based on endothermic engines, powered with diesel fuel or gasoline;
electric generators based on photovoltaic panels;
electric generators based on small or medium size eolic blades (wind turbines);
battery of accumulators constituting a supplementary energy reserve;
other systems for the generation of electric power (i.e. hydroelectric micro-generators);
input power line coming from the local electricity grid when available.

The future, along with the exploitation of renewable energy sources, goes to electronic management and sophisticated optimization of energy production and consumption.