Nowadays FPGAs are used in an ever-increasing number of equipment and device manufacturers also offer processor-cores to use within their own FPGA.

Helabor is a multiprocessor platform, developed entirely in VHDL, implementable in any FPGA.
The VHDL code of the multiprocessor is fully parameterized so that we can size the architecture in a completely free way, and adapt it to the particular application needs.

In addition to building the system with the number of processors needed within an FPGA, we can expand the multiprocessor using more FPGAs, by communicating processors, contained in distinct FPGAs, through dedicated serial connections (multiprocessor cluster interconnection).

The processor architecture is proprietary and patented in Italy and Europe.

An IDE for multiprocessor platform programming has also been developed and specific software libraries are being developed.

Can be used together with dedicated modules developed for special tasks.

Full access to any multiprocessor hardware feature for any specific modification and need.


Fully parameterized and configurable multiprocessor platform.
Can be used for the integral or partial development of digital systems in FPGAs.
Suitable for hard real time applications.
Suitable for implementing parallel algorithms.
Suitable for encryption systems.
Suitable for inviolable/unbreakable and robust systems against industrial espionage for military needs.
Suitable for inaccessible and robust systems against hacker intrusions for security needs.
Suitable for the development of fault tolerant systems.
Suitable for long-life systems, allowing us to migrate the project to the next generations of FPGAs that will be offered on the market