Nato Polonia


As part of the NATO SSSB Poland program, the IES was commissioned to develop the turnkey system Ship Shore Ship Buffer for voice and data communications in HF and V / UHF for the Polish armed forces including the following activities:

Civil works
Antennas and HF transceivers with 5 kW amplifier system
HF antenna arrays
V/UHF Transceiver with Link Mode 22
Audio/Data Link Matrix 22
DLOS in C band (4-8 GHz)

Still in the context of collaboration with NATO projects, IES took part, in collaboration with LEONARDO Spa, in the BRE1TA (BRASS Enhancement 1 Technical Architecture) program aimed at upgrading the BRASS program with the aim of exploiting the HF technologies introduced by original BRASS project. In summary, the implementation of the IP stack (TCP and UDP) on HF services (for example data / Web / e-mail) in accordance with STANAG 5066.

The activities under the responsibility of the IES are:

The physical implementation of this infrastructure (supply, installation and integration of systems.

Carrying out of civil works (indoor, outdoor).

Supply of HF Antenna Arrays, TEMPEST Racks, HF Log-Perodic Rotary Antennas.

Integrated Logistic

Support Implementation

Security accreditation relating to SW packages that allow the creation of the IP over HF network

Integrated logistical support management of the entire HW and SW supply