. Installation

IES carries out maintenance and overhaul of pylons, for fixed and rotating antennas (Log Periodic) HF / VHF / UHF.

Maintenance of satellite dishes and their semi-rigid coaxial power lines and waveguides (Scientific Atlanta).

Overhaul of the canopies of the NATO MEWSG NewVan fleet since 2001.

Our company has installed TLC equipment, systems, antennas, radio links, multiplexes, etc. Other activities are also building installations, laboratory set-up with supply and preparation of work benches for electronic work, according to these rules.


IES performs the laying and wiring of cables (both shielded and unshielded, coaxial, optical fiber, etc.) in small, medium and large sites with underground crossing.

In December 2005 IES carried out the installation of 10KW HF SSB equipment and the handling of 1KW HF SSB equipment at a TX station of the Italian Navy, including the construction of rooms with raised floors and stepped cable ducts.

Our staff has gained extensive experience in the field of installation, both in Italy and abroad.

We also have specific technical and practical expertise in handling materials in very high frequency systems, such as: cellflex cables, flexible and rigid waveguides, multiscreen cables, coaxial and signal connectors; an expertise gained after working under the guidance of American technical experts from Scientific Atlanta, with whom our company has collaborated in the construction and construction of medium and large satellite systems at Telespazio Fucino, Cairo, Matera and Cerveteri.

We are also able to create operating consoles, wired racks and interconnection cables between the internal and external units of the shelters used by the armed forces, taking care of the ergonomic and safety aspects for the personnel employed and guaranteeing maximum accessibility to the system units.

In addition, IES has gained extensive experience in the assembly of small, medium and large screened chambers, complete with every necessary component (filtering system, power and lighting systems, anechoic system, paneling, flooring, etc.).

IES also has a long experience in the construction, on behalf of third parties, of high power (10 kW) transmitting equipment in the HF band, and zero hour revision of 7 kW equipment at the 7 GHz frequency.

A separate chapter, of which we are particularly proud, is our participation in the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th expeditions of the CNR (National Research Council) in Antarctica.

IES was chosen by the CNR as a supplier of technical assistance services to the telecommunications system, operating at the Italian bases in Antarctica. Two of our technicians took part in the expedition, after attending a two-week survival course on Mont Blanc. During the five months of the mission, our technicians maintained all the transmission systems supplied to the Italian bases, monitoring their correct functioning and ensuring the connection between the Italian bases and all the other international bases located in the Antarctic territory and also with the rest of the world; operating in environmental and working conditions beyond any standard.

The Italian communication equipment in Antarctica consisted of 10 kW HF equipment, antennas and repeaters operating in V / UHF and satellite frequencies; a telephone exchange, field equipment and NDB and TACAN systems. The equipment came from various domestic and foreign manufacturers and were associated with different types of antennas. All equipment and antennas have been provided with the right maintenance and services.