AFCEA Roma 2022
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AFCEA Roma 2022

08 November 2022 – Communications and technological innovation towards new operational scenarios

IES presents products and solutions related to new generation resilient communication systems with high reliability.

By date, military forces rely on tactical satellite communications that allow for wide coverage on the territory, flexibility, good data rates and beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) communication capabilities. However, in critical or war contexts, to limit the enemy’s exchange of information, this could be deliberately deactivated, or worse, be subject to electronic attacks which make the satellite node a “single point of failure” of the system, putting the entire mission at risk.

Communication systems based on HF (1.5-30MHz) and V/UHF (30-512 MHz) waves have long been known both as a plausible alternative to satellite systems and as having greater resilience to attacks. This is thanks to the possibility of creating a distributed network of nodes formed by the units themselves on the territory.

IES presents its telecommunication systems which offer the possibility of fully exploiting the potential of HF and V/UHF by introducing a line of unique products of their kind, compliant with the new waveforms and with the relative tactical links ( Link 22 FF and EPM). An example of this is the new audio/data matrix expandable up to 64 input/output channels which is already compatible with the new standards and can be perfectly integrated into the enhancement of pre-existing systems.

For fixed stations, in the HF field, IES has created both a new antenna matrix and a broadband antenna (inverted monocone) with monitoring functions, even in real time, of the structural parameters of the antenna itself.

IES products are placed at the heart of every modern communication system and are currently used, most of all by NATO, both in the modernization of SSSB (Ship-Shore-Ship Buffer) and BRASS (Broadcast, maritime Rear link And Ship to Shore) systems .

In order to exploit the potential of the new communication systems also for mobile nodes, IES has developed antenna systems which conform to the surfaces of broadband vehicles which, together with the use of new filtering systems, allow to support communications in critical contexts.